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“ So flavorful and brilliant was the Ensemble’s performance that the audience wanted more.”

Wilma Salisbury,  Cleveland Plain Dealer



“The program was as lovely in its execution as it was well conceived in its planning, providing ample opportunity to hear the artists both individually and collectively.”

Washington Post



" The Ensemble da Camera rendered the four movements [Robert Schumann's Fairytales]  with keen musicianship and  a sense of freedom moving effortlessly between the adamant and the more melodic figures . . .  Playing of such proportion and restraint actually increased the force with which the piece landed."

Daniel Ginsberg, Washington Post



“The Ensemble da Camera of Washington had great fun with Khachaturian’s lurid, vodka-laced trio, and dusted off Bartok’s obscure ‘Contrasts’ to reveal a piece of real charm and sophistication.  Their Mozart  . . . was full of sunshine and subtle inflection.”

Ronald Brown, Washington Post



“Each artist holds impressive international credentials.  Together they form a trio of high musical quality. . .  top notch level [of the Mozart].”

Wilma Salisbury,  Cleveland Plain Dealer




“A first-rate performance . . . impressive.”

Washington Post




“Eichhorn played with such pure tone and exquisite phrasing that her clarinet sounded like a fine singing voice.”

Wilma Salisbury,  Cleveland Plain Dealer




“Their ensemble is sterling and they caress each note . . . this is the best recording I know [ of Khachaturian] . . . a welcome release.”

American Record Guide




“Khachaturian, Milhaud are splendid as is Richard Faith’s  tuneful   Fantasy Trio, dedicated to them.”

Edith Eisler,  Classical Pulse!




“Impressive in Khachaturian’s Joyous Trio, another piece that showcased both their technical prowess and their interpretive skills.”

Washington Post



“Played beautifully . . . the lightness and vitality of this [Mozart]  performance are perfect . . . stylish, intelligent reading [of Milhaud].  This nicely recorded disc is a fine example of chamber music imaginatively programmed and expertly performed.”





“An ensemble of extraordinary technical skill and musical perception.  This disc is a delight.”

Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post




“An interesting and unusual repertoire played masterfully . . .subtle clarinet playing . . Highly recommended!”

High Performance Review



“Sunday’s concert in the Lyceum had a musical quality equal to the room’s visual charm. . . a tribute to the region’s growth as a center of top-level artistic activity.  As soloists or as an ensemble, their performances meet the highest international standards, and their busy local performing schedule, when they are not touring, significantly enriches our musical life.”

Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post




“Fine individual musicians who play together with a uniform sense of line and style . . . the Mozart is beautifully played . . . a lively and spirited rendition [of Milhaud].  The recording - as well as the ensemble - has much to offer.”

The Clarinet



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